The Journey Begins!

As with any business endeavour, the idea of learning and expanding is all just part of the experience. Being a “bike guy” my expertise is in “parts” as well as mechanical observations and understanding. Not so much with the technological aspects of operating and updating a webpage for an online appraisal service. As the new year rolled around, my dear friend Bernice suggested the idea of setting up a blog to present some of the motorcycles that I’m doing appraisals on. Hmmm? Though not entirely enamoured with the idea at the outset, I was intrigued, and I took her suggestion to heart. I actually realized that if I’m going to offer the best service of this kind for the motorcycling community, then I’d better figger this shit out and learn how to keep up with the times!

So this is the beginning of my blogging adventure, and I’m completely open to any ideas, comments, questions, or concerns that anyone reading this may have. I’d like to make this as interactive as possible, and as much for your benefit as is possible. I’ll look forward to forging new friendships, alliances with other businesses, and maybe even joint ventures with interested parties. The future is as bright as I or we choose to make it!

I will be uploading photos and videos as I become more proficient with this new platform, but for the time being, I’m just taking manageable attempts at enjoying the learning curve.

As always, I will respect your time, not waste it, and I’ll do my best to be entertaining and educational.

Thanks for stopping by, be cool out there and enjoy the ride, whether on your bike or on your keyboard. Deckerron

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