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Harley Appraisals / Motorcycle Appraisal Service in British Columbia Canada offers expert online appraisals that reflect both the cursory cost to modify the machine and the current fair market value of it. The document can be used for insurance purposes, equity evidence, estate settlement or just plain bragging rights. However, the bottom line appraised value is a realistic current fair market value, or as the insurance companies like to say, “Actual cash value” (ACV).

How we appraise a customized bike:

  • We take into account all aspects of your bike that are unique to it. Year of build, manufacturers represented in the build, overall condition and mileage, as well as any heritage or provenance.
  • As part of the appraisal, a cursory reconciliation of the modifications and aftermarket parts will be taken into account to justify an “INVESTED AMOUNT.”
  • The bike will be compared to other bikes of similar year, make, model, and caliber (or what we call comparative offerings).

What about damaged or stolen vehicles?

We often deal with insurance claims and appraise vehicles that have been damaged or stolen, also called “Post Loss Evaluations.” Many of these machines have become involved in value disputes. Our unbiased expertise lies in establishing the fair market value of the machines before they were damaged or stolen, based on photographs and documentation, as well as comparative offerings.

How much does an appraisal cost?

The following is intended to inform you of general costs and measures; this information is not a quotation!

  • Detailed appraisal: Starts at a $275.00 for online services when you provide your information through any online services (Google Plus, Dropbox etc.) or emails.
  • Insurance companies prefer this appraisal for the detail to justify the values of the add-on components.
  • Payment in the form of Visa, MasterCard, or an E-Transfer will be required prior to commencement of the appraisal.

How often should I get my bike appraised?

Because most vehicles are depreciable items to one degree or another, and market values change, annual revisions should be considered. In the case of a transfer of ownership, up to date revisions may be required. Your insurance provider will suggest when an update is required in your situation. That being said, if or when you do require the re-appraisal, you won’t have to pay the full price of the appraisal again because we maintain our database with your info in it for up to three years. We simply “tweak” the values based on any changes in the machine or the market to reflect the differences at the hourly rate. This usually ends up costing less than the original fee by the time we’re through.

Long Distance appraisals

Canadian and US residents rely on us for distance motorcycle appraisals. Average turnaround time for the appraisal is usually within 10 days from when we receive your information package. An email copy of the full document will arrive in the form of a PDF (portable document file).

What to send us for a distance appraisal:

  • Full-shot photographs of the left and right sides, front and rear with nothing in the background; and distinguishing numbers on the bike (e.g. the VIN on frame, transmission, engine cases, and odometer)
  • Detailed photos of the expensive accessories are also required. The more photos you provide, the more accurate the evaluation will be. In other words, show us where the money is!
  • Any receipts or documentation to substantiate value is beneficial, especially for internal components that can’t be seen (ALL receipts and documents will be returned to you unless specified otherwise by you.)
  • A photocopy (or scan) of the current registration and MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin) – do NOT send originals
  • HELP US TO HELP YOU, the more information and photographs you provide, the better off we’ll all be.

How to send us your information for appraisal:

    1. Email can be sent to: ron@harleyappraisals.com for quickest service.
    2. A representative will confirm that we have all the needed documentation.
    3. Please make us aware of any shipment tracking information.

Mail or courier complete package to:

Harley Appraisals Services P.O. Box 1183 Logan Lake BC V0K1W0

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